For All We Know


Gloria Reuben and Marty Ashby perform a collection of tunes, intimately exploring the beautiful, sometimes painful, oftentimes mystifying nature of love and relationships. All of the songs on For All We Know were released on February 14, 2020 on the MCG Jazz recording label, carry the listener through the myriad of emotions that entwines the heart while one wishes for a love, wins a love or loses a love.

The song titles alone tell a powerful story that contains a message, a memory or a desire that anyone who has ever been in a relationship can connect with.

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Gloria Reuben’s voice is decidedly sweet, gentle and sensitive, and her vocals make it obvious that For All We Know is no vanity project. If you are one of those people who loved her in her role as a stalwart PA at County General (“Jeanie Boulet” on ER), you should listen to her sing.”
~Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audophile


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